Kate Mothes


Selected Exhibitions
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Ongoing: Young Space Views

TBA. August 16 - September 19. Tiger Strikes Asteroid NY.

TBA. December. David B. Smith Gallery, Denver, CO.


Moley Talhaoui: No Native Narrative, July 9 - August 2. Young Space Views

MIRROR EYE yngspc + Far x Wide for  Art Start exhibition, January 3-5 Ortega y Gasset Projects, Brooklyn, NY


Yulia Iosilzon: Paradeisos, Carvalho Park, October 25-November 24, Brooklyn, NY

Justin Liam O’Brien, Colin Radcliffe and Mark Zubrovich, Real Tinsel, September 6-October 12, Milwaukee, WI

Run Straight Through, June 15 - August 24, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

Crocodile Tears, June 8-9, Morgan Fine Arts Building, Brooklyn, NY

Wolves by the Road: Emma Fineman, Aly Helyer, Yulia Iosilzon, Francisco Rodriguez and Anna Jung Seo, May 16 - June 5, Assembly House, Leeds, UK

I could go on forever: Juliette Ezavin, Alia Hamaoui, Tintin Cooper, Dord Burrough, Anne-Marie Cosgrove and Saskia Fleishman, PADA Studios April Residency exhibition, April 28, Lisbon, Portugal

AucArt LAB residency exhibition: Rene Gonzalez, Lee Kay-Barry, Sin Park, Harry Rudham, Mateusz von Motz, AucArt LAB, March 28, 2019, London, UK

Memory Palace, March 1 - 29, Jackson Dinsdale Art Center, Hastings College, Hastings, NE

when you were made: Tshab Her and Victoria Kue, January 11 - March 8, Wriston Galleries at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI


Is it a soft grid or a net?, paintings by Benjamin Cook, Kayla Plosz-Antiel and Jessica Simorte, October, James May Gallery, Algoma, WI

BIG LINK, September 14 - October 14, Standard Projects, Hortonville, WI

CONVEYOR, June 2-3, during Greenpoint Open Studios, Morgan Fine Arts and Film Center, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Lightforms, paintings by Heather McKenna, Maria Rendon, Paul Simmons and Nicholas Szymanski, January 22-February 16 Baer Gallery, St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI


Together With (part 2), September 7 - October 5, Philip J. Steele Gallery at RMCAD, Denver, CO

Settling the Ghost, July 14 - August 6, Standard Projects, Hortonville, WI

Together With (part 1), May 5-25, Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery at Madison Public Library, Madison, WI